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Language Exchange is an important part of any serious language learning program. Finding a suitable language partner who shares your goals and study ambitions is a challenge.

Who Uses Jiaoyu Language Exchange?

Jiaoyu Language Exchange Community is a mix of international students, English teachers, Western business people, mainland Chinese and Chinese abroad, all of whom are studying English or Chinese.

Thousands of members in China and abroad predominantly exchange Chinese and English, but also exchange Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Arabic, Indian, and many other languages with each other.

How Does Jiaoyu Community Work?

People from China and abroad sign up online to become language exchange partners, students, or teachers with other native English and Chinese speakers.

Be Matched: We connect Jiaoyu members through WeChat.  

Jiaoyu members provide us with a requirement for partner type, language proficiency, study preferences, country, city, gender, interests etc.  We show them a list of Jiaoyu members who fit that description, and contact the Jiaoyu members to ask if they would like to connect.

Online Platform: Members can create online profiles, chat with Jiaoyu members, and scan their WeChat QR codes from within the Jiaoyu online website.

WeChat Study Groups: WeChat study groups are provided to Jiaoyu members, to participate in group discussions, and add suitable language exchange partners directly from the WeChat study groups.

Jiaoyu Community Benefits include

  • 1,000-8000 members to match with.
  • Access to 2-8 WeChat study groups.
  • Create an online profile to search all members.
  • Discounts on online group and one-on-one teaching services.
  • Online ESL Group classes organized for teachers and students.

How Do I Get Language Exchange Partners?

Please fill in your details and preferences in our online registration form.

Join Jiaoyu Language Exchange Community (交语社区) for people looking for suitable English-Chinese language exchange partners in China and Abroad.

When your preferences match a dedicated language exchange partner from the Jiaoyu Community (交语社区) platform who shares your study goals, our team will contact you through WeChat to offer Jiaoyu Community language exchange partners.







会员网站:创建个人交语社区档案。你可以在交语社区中搜索所有会员, 并在我们的在线平台与他们匹配



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