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Mad Chaos: Sunday, December 29, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Meeting Up At Pizza Hut

Last night I left for Campbelltown.  I saw Ralf on the way.  He picked me up.

We drove to the service station down in Bradbury.  Then after looking for parts, we left for Pizza Hut.

Imad was there with Ali when we got there.  Imad didn’t have a shirt on when he was there because it ripped.

Simon was also down there.  I found out it was him who gave Tabitha my number, and who also drove her past my house.

Tabitha was down there with Phoenix, whom I met when I had long hair and asked about.  They were with William.

Rory was down there with Palmer.  Once again, he had to make himself look good, but looked like an idiot.

I let everyone be and hung with the G’s talking shit.

Ralf was trying to chat Tabitha up, but why say you are getting engaged if you aren’t?

Imad  left.

It started raining.

Then William invited us over to his house after he took some pot from Palmer.

William’s House Party

Leaving with Lucas, he drove to my house so I could get changed.  Then we drove to William’s house, where him and the girls were.  Ralf was still getting dressed.  He took half an hour or more to show up.

William did some lame moves and ended lying on top of Tabitha and Phoenix on the couch.  Keith came later.  So did Shawn and Bình.

People started coming after that like Miroslav, Jaromir and his sisters, and others.

William dropped off the girls when we were leaving.

Drive To Chevys

Me, Keith, Ralf and Shawn left for Campbelltown to look at Chevys.

Hudson was down there.  We stopped to talk to him for a while, being the drunk he is.

Last night we looked for cars to break into.  I even rang Jett ‘s mobile and left a message on his mobile.  We checked some cars, but none were broken into.  We stopped some kids to roll them, but we didn’t do that.

Ralf walked into Chevys to do some dancing.  We picked him up at 2:00 am.

Then we drove to the newsagent and stole some newspapers.

Keith drove me home.  I went to sleep at 3:30 am.

Tabitha Calls

Today I woke up at 12:00 pm by a phone call from Tabitha.  She called up to talk to me.  We talked on a range of subjects because girls like talking, and sometimes I do too.  I talked to Phoenix for a bit, but she says she can’t remember talking to me, so she must have been sleep-talking.

An hour later she said her good-byes.

Some food and shaving my legs later, Phoenix called back, because she heard we were talking about her.  The phone conversation she really wanted to put out was that she wanted to be close friends, very close.  I don’t have a problem with that so, fuck her, man.

She has a new toy in the area.

Chasing A Carousel CD Player

She is definitely going to ring me back.  It might even be today.  I’ll ask her over my house on Monday where my parents are going to be shopping, unless they are closed.

Right now I am going to try and get that CD carousel off Rory.  I know I’m going out tonight for sure.  No matter what I’ll go out.

Jaromir and Miroslav should be at Summer Nats today in Canberra.  He asked me and Keith to go but we decided not to go because it would cost money, and he was leaving at 4:00 am last night.

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