East vs West

Mad Chaos: Saturday, December 21, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Rory Wants To Kill Kobi

Nothing happened yesterday.  I just watched TV until 9:00 pm until Rory came up to my door.  Miroslav, Jaromir and Keith were there too.

Rory asked to borrow my knife, so I let him have it for a while to keep himself sane.  He told me that he thinks Kobi done it.

See Tabitha In Pizza Hut

From my house we drove to Pizza Hut.

Tabitha was there.  She was anticipating me to come down so she could talk to me.  She wanted to say in private that she told Phoenix that she got onto me, and she wants me to act for her.  Yeah yeah I say.

Drive To Macarthur Square

I then said my urps to my boys, and we then left for Macarthur Square.

At this time Imad came down to the back of Pizza Hut and followed us up to Macarthur Square.  His car is now spray-painted black.  It looks good.  He still has that playful side to him.

Rory And Kobi’s Bitch Fight

At Macarthur we were looking for Kobi, well Rory was.  He found him and engaged in a heated bitch fight with no punches.

Meanwhile me and Imad  were having muck around fights of our own.  Me and Jaromir were following around skirts.

Harley came out when she finished and went to his aid.  We took it outside.  While this was happening, I was ripping up shit outside, causing havoc with Silvester and Imad.

Security came.  We finished up our shit and drove somewhere else.

Cruise To Cartman’s House

We ended up at Cartman’s house.  With 15 people there another argument happened.  Min-Su was with us.  I think she has taken a liking to me and my antics.

Everyone leave me alone!  I only have one week left and then a month of pleasure.  If I feel like more sex, then I’ll call these girls, but only after my “Pleasure Zone” Time.

The shit didn’t get settled.  I have my doubts that Cartman actually did it, but I’m just going to get my knife back now.

Drove To Kentlyn

From that little argument, we left for Woodbine McDonalds.  We stayed there for a while.

Silvester and Rory drove to Sydney from there to go to a nightclub.

The rest of us drove to Kentlyn because Kobi was there.

Here comes the actual fun with us driving with our lights off and hazards only.  While Miroslav was trying to take over Jaromir in complete darkness, he had to lock up because he almost hit Keith up the ass by a few inches.

Reaching Kentlyn, there were a couple of people there already including Shawn and Redd who joined us much earlier.

Totaling A Burnt-Out Car

We got up to our normal shit.  There was a burnt up car there, so I got up on it and started jumping on the bonnet, putting holes in it.  Everyone else came and joined in.

This is where we tried to push the car over.  If the car had wheels then we could have done it.

Recklessly Tailing Kobi

Kobi wanted to get out, but we blocked him in so he couldn’t move.  He asked Miroslav to move.  When he left 5 cars followed him, with me and Jaromir in one.  Our objective was to get him scared, and that we did, slowing him down considerably and forcing him off road on a corner.

He was trying to avoid us and was so scared that he went onto a soft gutterway and almost hit 3 street signs and a street light post.

We followed him until he got to Harley’s house.  He was gunning it until there.

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