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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, November 6, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Phone Up A Few Job Interviews

I woke up today at 10:30 am, ate some food, then got dressed, and went down to the shops to do my phone calls.

I called up Soul Sense first.  They told me that they got some stock in but they couldn’t talk to me because they were busy.  They should have my stuff but I’m getting it tomorrow.

employment studyI then rang up the job that I went for.  I got the modem noise and wasted 40 cents.

I then rang a job I saw in the paper.  It didn’t turn out so good so I hung up on it because it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I then went back home and listened to some music for a while.  I ate for a while.

Meet Tatton

Then Tatton called me up.

He wanted me to meet him, so I started walking to meet him at Hurley Park.

On the way I saw Fridge – who used to be on our gridiron team.  He gave me a bit of a lift.

I then met Tatton and we went to Campbelltown.  At first he was going to buy an electrode thing that shocks your muscles to grow.  I convinced him not to buy one.

We went to Bình’s shop, bought some stuff, and talked to him for a bit.

Hanging Out At Pizza Hut

We then went to Pizza Hut and saw Rory down there and Wilma was in the car (The Lebanese one).  We talked to them.  Tatton was picking on Wilma that was in the front because she had a 40-page resume on her.

Keith came down a bit later.  He and Tamsen watched the porn movie.  I guess she’s into that shit because they were talking about it freely.  They want to borrow another one from me and that would be cool.  He is going to see me later tonight, and so is Rory I guess.

I know where Berenice and Valerie now live.  It is just up the road from Maura Kavanaugh house, around the roundabout and in that little parking bit just up.

Rory went for a run.

A Brawl On Queen Street

Me and Tatton went for a walk.  I saw this guy that was gonna have a fight.  So we sat on the chairs out the front of Level 18 and watched it.

At first one of the guys was backing off and they shook hands and shit.  Then, baldy, the scared one kept going back making trouble.  Then he struck for him.

A bit later he full on hit him in the face.  I heard 2 bones crack, one when he was hit and the other when he hit the cement.  He was bleeding bad.

Tatton was saying, “Should we go over and help?”  But I held ground and had my glasses on so he couldn’t see what I was doing.  We watched.  Then some people came over and asked me what was happening.  I said, “I stabbed him and I’m waiting for the police.”  I told them I lied.

Then some other people I knew came over.  I told them he slipped on a banana peel.

Rory Drops Us Off Home

We then went back to Pizza Hut.

We got a lift with Rory back home.  He was taking Tatton home after that.

The Burnside House Break-And-Enter Plan

Tonight we are going to contemplate what’s going to go on with the Burnside house.  I’m going to see them at their new house.  Then we are going to plan it for tomorrow.

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