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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, October 9, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Travel To Campbelltown

Today I got up just before 12:00 pm and I ate a lot of shit.  I didn’t have much to do, so I got on my bike and I went to Campbelltown.  I was going to see Tatton at the gym.

I bumped into Keith and Tamsen while he was getting a new muffler put on his car.  I talked to them for a bit and they told me Imad and Dina were down Campbelltown.

I went to look for Imad and Dina.  I found them and we talked for a bit.

Play Gridiron With Tatton

Then I went to look for Tatton.  I found him talking to Tamsen coming from the gym, so I went to his house and we played some gridiron out the front of his house.

We then went to Hurley park and done some throwing down there.  After about 2 hours of that we went back to his house.  I stayed for a bit and then I came back home.

Rehearsing Sound Stream Hip Hop Lyrics

I’m rewriting some of our raps.  We are going to get together and put them up tomorrow when we get together and get this shit to practice.  I’m going to go through some more rhymes when I’ve finished this.

The raps have been coming out pretty good now.  We are up to the second phase of our raps.  We already have the base of the raps and what we sing in them, but now we are starting to change the base of the raps and rearranging them, or even changing them whole to make them sound better.

Now we either keep these sounds, or in phase three we change them again to make them sound even better to rap to.

We still have to D.J some of our music and we need a D.J to do some of this shit for us.  So it is a good idea to get together with Mushroom Records in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

I remember at the start of our raps I was basically rapping very shit raps mostly from other shit.  I didn’t steal any shit, it just sounded like other shit.

I’ve got the microphone out practicing the shit now and it is sounding pretty good.  When we get together tomorrow then we will see what has really happened.

Nothing more to say so let’s get back to rapping.

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