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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, October 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Well I think I have forgotten about Kathryn for the meantime and kind of given up on her.

Last night and today were by far the best since me and Kathryn got together, but better.

Cindy In H.E.L.P Course Gets My Number

Yesterday I went to my course and Cindy done a hit on me and she asked for my number because she liked me.  I didn’t really want to do anything with her but I can’t just turn her down without a reason – other than “I don’t like you”, so I gave her my number.

I told her to ring me around 6:00 pm or later.  I wasn’t going to front for it but I thought not to be a bad person so I did turn up.

New Season Gridiron Training With Tatton

After my course was finished, I went home and ate.  Then Tatton called me up, and I went over because he was a bored motha fuck.  We went down to Hurley Park, threw some ball and played some gridiron in training for the new season that’s popping up soon.

We played for a while, we talked for a while, and then, a while later, I went home.

Call Cindy From Bradbury Shops

I found out Cindy called me up, so not to be bad ,I went and called her from the shops to see what was up.  She wanted to go out that night but my instincts told me that I shouldn’t do anything at ALL.

Visit Imad

I went back home.  On the way I saw Imad and stopped off for a bit.  He got home from Sydney and the car was fixed.  I stayed over for a bit.  We watched a movie for a bit.  Then he told me that Berenice was home alone.  I thought that would be a nice chance to probably get to know Valerie.  Imad didn’t even know I was going to go over.

Visit Valerie

I went home from his house, put on some shit to go out in, and went over to Valerie’s house without her expecting me, and without anyone else knowing.  I think what happened next shocked Imad when he heard about it.

I went over there and Valerie and Berenice were there.

Here was my chance.

I don’t know what it was but I felt fateful and lucky that something would evolve from Monday night, or I wouldn’t have acted on impulse.  What happened from then on was we clicked, BIG TIME.

I like a person that plays the man and tries to get over him and shit like that, and for chance to fall on the man.

She knew I liked her because Berenice kept mentioning it in her own way, and she acted upon it.  We were sitting down talking to someone on the telephone.  Then I made everyone laugh because I started acting gay over the phone to some guy.  It cracked them both up.

Valerie put her head on my legs and her hands over me, and started laughing.

Valerie Asks Me To Hug In Her Bedroom

It was time for me to go.  They had a little whisper and then Berenice told me to go into her room and give her a hug goodbye.  Obvious scenario when the door was locked… from the outside.

sexAt first I didn’t do anything.  But then I just leant over and went for it.  She went for me, and we went for it.

We were going for a bit.  Then Berenice came back in.  I got out and said I was going home and I’d probably see her tomorrow.  I was trying to get out of there so she wouldn’t think of me as wanting to stay with her only for the sex.

Berenice Locks Me In The Bedroom A Second Time

This is where Berenice got my beanie, threw it in the room, and got me to go get it.  Then she locked the door again.  This time I felt less awkward.  I sat there for a little bit and then sat on her bed.  You could see something was going to happen but, the happy-chappy I am, I started talking to her for a bit, and then we got to it.

I’ve had some good kissers in my time.  Kathryn was the only one worthy of a medal but now comes the new contender winning the tournament.

I can’t believe how well me and her got on.  I stayed in there for about an hour with her.  We both didn’t want to go all the way, but she didn’t even want me to make her happy by rubbing her up taking off her shirt.

I like making women happy before I get my piece.  I don’t know why but I just LOVE pleasuring women.

Staying Over The Night With Valerie

Berenice came in and she talked to us for an hour.  It was like me and Valerie were going out for 6 months the way the conversation was flowing.  She left after that.  I had the option of going or staying, which I’ve never done before with a girl.

I used to think about this thought about 2 months ago.  I used to wonder what it would be like to just sleep next to a girl you really like, and not do anything sexual, apart from kissing.  Well, that came true tonight when I asked her if she wanted me to go, and she nodded her head no.

So, I stayed over for the night.

Berenice Joins In For A Chat

Berenice came in for another hour while we were having some fun.  She talked to us about Imad.  I told her some stuff that made her happy for the next day.  She left once more, and we got to know a lot about each other.  There were a lot of things I learnt from her.

I stayed over for the night.  It was nice sleeping next to her, but I couldn’t resist embracing her or kissing her or even giving her a hickey on her stomach.

She showed me some photos of her in the army, and of her in the household and shit.

I loved the idea of sleeping with her, considering it was the first night we were actually together and my first sleep over, so, I was double-virginated.

We didn’t actually get to sleep for about 2 hours, and I didn’t fall asleep far later than that.

Valerie Stays Home From School

When we woke up in the morning, it was like a fairy tale.  We started to embrace each other again.  I told her most of my story last night.  She likes hugging a lot and she hugged me a lot.  Every time she hugged me it got tighter.  I think we left an impression on each other that night.

She had to go to school in the morning.  She had the time to do it but she didn’t want to go.  She spent the day at home to spend with me.  So I left a good vibe on her.

Today was a godsend because it is only the second day of knowing her.  The difference between Valerie and the rest is that we didn’t really think about the hassle of giving each other our numbers until the last moment.  We had done everything different to all of my relationships.  I like breaking new ground on this subject.

After a little frolicking in the hay, we went out that day.  Berenice came with us.  We went to Imad’s house.  He was having sex with Dina.  He came to the door with his hair all messed up.  He let us in.  We all went in.  Then Berenice started hitting him for fun and shit.

Walk With Valerie Hand-In-Hand To The Shops

Me and Valeria then went to the shops by ourselves.  What else… I was holding her hand in a beautiful way.  Unlike other relationships, I liked caressing her hand, showing her off to the rest of the world.  The other thing is that she held my hand first.  I was impressed.

We went to the shops and bought some smokes for she smoketh belitleth.  She also drinketh occasionally when she used to go out.  We had some fun down there.

Ali, Imad, Dina, Berenice, Valerie And Me

Then we walked back to Imad ‘s house and we sat down.  Ali the sick cunt came over.  I greeted him in the right way, and we talked for a bit.  I had Valerie on my lap.

Serenade Valerie With Piano

We went to my house then with Berenice, which is the highlight of the year what happened now.  I got in and they liked my room.  I told Valerie that I play piano, and she told me that she plays too.  She played me something basic.

Berenice then wanted to hear something, and so did Valerie.  I never play the piano for someone, and I haven’t played it to a girl that I like before, like a serenade.  I got on possessed, and played some tunes.

I knew that Valerie wouldn’t think I could play good, maybe something simple like some pop music.

I’ll never forget the look she gave me when I finished playing Tubular Bells and then some Miss Saigon, and some of my music.

I played it with feeling.  When I looked over at her from playing the Piano to her, she gave me the most beautiful, astonishing, no-words-to-describe-it-properly look.  It was like “Where the heck did that come from?”.

She didn’t want to let me go then, and she kept wanting to kiss me, so I must have made her hot from that.

I then put some Phantom of the Opera on.  She told me she likes that.  We had a sick time listening to Phantom of the Opera and then some Miss Saigon.  We all lay on my waterbed.  I lay right next to her.  She couldn’t stop touching me.  We all relaxed to the music and started falling asleep.  Berenice actually fell asleep to it.

My dad walked in on us while we were lying down on the bed, all of us.  Then he walked straight out.

Romped On Bedroom Floor

When it finished I put some more on.  Me and Valerie got on the ground, and while Berenice was sleeping we done some noise reduction techniques.

sexI love the way she rolls her tongue around in my mouth.  Everything she did nice, I told her about it.  I even told her that she turns me on, and she responded.

I get very turned on when she licks my ear.  I almost had a male orgasm when she was doing it.  When she does that she turns me on SO MUCH.  She doesn’t even know it, and she’s a tease.

Oh!  What was a real turn on was when she started to lick my finger, and her tongue was speaking 12 different languages to my finger.  I can’t believe the motion she got on it.  I can say my man hailed to the Captain straight away.

Imad Drops Us Off At Valerie’s House

We woke up Berenice because we were going back to Valerie’s house because we were going to use her room.  We started walking.

Imad met up with us.  He gave us a lift to Valerie’s house.

On the way to Valerie’s house, when Imad was giving us a lift Ali was getting bins and rolling them on the road like we used to do.  We let one off at a postman just before her street.  It almost hit him.  This guy probably got Imad’s license number anyway.

Back To Valerie’s House

We got in, had something to eat and then we went to her room.  We just chilled for a bit because she didn’t want to do much.

When we were over her house again, we talked about where we were going.  She sounded pretty sure of herself that she actually wanted to do something, but the thing is that she broke up from a relationship a few days before I tried on her.  It was a long relationship that she was in too, and she wanted the guy to be let down slowly.

I’ve already written four pages and most of that is on Valerie and our fantastic voyage.

Sleep Over Valerie’s House

I had to stay over Valerie’s house that night, or I wouldn’t be as full as I am now.  She had to go to her mum’s house at 3:00 pm, but she also postponed that so she could have a little more rest and spend some more time with me.  That was fine by me, while we got to know each other more.

She likes sitting on my knee, which I love because it feels good to have her there.  She also likes to put her legs on mine while we are sitting down.

I don’t know what it is with me but, I know that I like tall, skinny (but, not too skinny) girls to date.  Everyone thought that Kathryn was too skinny but she was fine.  I think that Valerie is perfect for body size.  She has very sexy legs.  I get turned on from the cut marks she has on her leg and how she has shaved legs, and they feel nice to touch.

We waited for Valerie’s mum to come pick her up.  She was coming at 8:30 pm, but she came later.

Valerie’s Ex Boyfriend Shows Up

A couple of people came to her house.  One of them was her ex boyfriend.  I saw them hug and thought nothing of it.  I had trust in her, even though I’ve known her for 2 days.

She had a go in his auto car around the street.  She hasn’t got her L Plates yet but she has already crashed the guys’ car.  She put on some makeup.  Valerie looks like Brooke Shields with or without the makeup.  In her photos with makeup on, she looked 21 or more years old.  With this makeup on she looked way over 19 years of age.

She is an Aquarius and her birthday is on January 29.  Her favorite color is blue, and she likes turning me on.

Planning To Be With Valerie Tomorrow

As I was trying to say, tomorrow we are getting together at my house to watch a movie  I might get the Last of the Mohicans because I think that it is a good movie to watch.  We are getting together sometime around 6:30 pm.  If she wants she can sleep over my house without sexual activity involved, because of respect to my parents.

I think I’ve written enough for now, because I think I’ve written five or six pages on this topic.

Time to go now and practice on the piano a bit, and then some rest.

Keith Gossips About Valerie

Keith just came over then.  He had something to say about Valerie.  He told me a bunch of stuff I knew and a bit that I didn’t want to know.  He shouldn’t say things that will be bad to say, and he knows it.

I mean, he said to me “This is true man but she is a slut,” because she got onto Lance Graves, and then this ex boyfriend, and supposedly Dirk Banner.  I don’t know about the last one, but if she gets onto them it doesn’t mean she is a slut, unless she fucks everyone, and she hasn’t shown me any sign of fucking me.  So she’s either normal, or a bitch that fucks everybody, but me.

I don’t know if this will last – or how long it will last – but I know it’s working for me, and I don’t care what anyone says about her.

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