East vs West

Mad Chaos: Saturday, October 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Drive With Keith And Tatton

Keith came over last night to see what I was doing.  He came down with Tamsen in his car.  We waited for Tatton for a bit, and then we went looking for him.  We looked for about 15 minutes.  Then Tatton turned up while Keith was looking for him.

We got into the car and went to Woodbine Macers where Ned and Bình were driving and Harley and Janice were out with them and some others.

Fight Between Fobs And Lebs

A bit after that me and Tatton got dropped off down at Campbelltown to watch the fight between the Fobs and Lebs.  I went and talked to someone about the fight, and it seemed there were weapons there.  It was crowded but nothing seemed to happen while we were there.

Passing Everyone On The Walk

I talked to Sherry’s brother.  He asked me about Madlyn.  She was going to the next Dance Rave in Ingleburn, and I said, “so what.”

We saw Ralf and Shawn go up Queen Street.  They were going to Wollongong.  We could have gone if they stopped but I didn’t call them quick enough.

Also Anxo passed in his car and William was in the back.  They didn’t stop because they thought I was saying hi.

Then we walked home.

We didn’t go out last night with Rory because he went to the city to see strippers and shit.

Hip Hop Group Renamed To “Sound Stream”

Tatton stayed over until 11:00 am.

Me and Tatton worked on some shit.  We’ve decided to call our group “Sound Stream”.  If you didn’t get that it’s “Sound-Stream”.  That’s a pretty good name.  When I heard it, there was a click happening.

We came up with some rhymes.  Then Tatton left for home.

Visited Campbelltown

I went to Campbelltown on my bike after eating.  I went to see who was down there.  I ended up seeing no one, so I went for a bike ride to see that place over Bình’s shop.  I went to see it.  If it is the place I’m thinking of then it is very grassy.

Sun Bake In The Backyard

After that I went home.  No one was home so I had to climb in through the window because the screen door was locked.

I listened to some music, and had a sun bake in the hot sun.  It was a very hot day today and I was dehydrated a bit.  I then came back inside and ate.

Prank Call From Girl

I got a call today from a girl.  She got on the phone and said, “Is this Tony?”  I said, “Yes,” and she called me a fuckwit and hung up.  It was very weird, considering I didn’t really have a grasp on who might have called.  But I’m thinking that Sherry’s brother saw Madlyn and she called me to relieve some stress.

Visited Pizza Hut

I then went back down to Campbelltown to see what was happening.  I saw Shawn on the way.  He stopped off and we talked for a bit in the parking lot across from Pizza Hut.  Then we went to Pizza Hut.

Palmer Keefe was down there with Rory.  I talked to them for a bit.  Palmer had his hair cut short.  It looked better than how he had it before.  I think when I get my hair cut short it will look good but I’m not going to do it for a while.

I had a long chat with Shawn who is always a sick cunt to talk to.

Then I came back home.

Considering H.E.L.P Program

Now as I said, I can’t go to the gym for 2 weeks, but I will use the home gym that is here and I will train my whole body pretty good until the money comes back in for me.

I think I will stay on this H.E.L.P program for about two more weeks.  Then I’m going to come off it depending on whether or not I have Carmen’s number or not.

I’m going to do some typing after this too.

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