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Mad Chaos: Friday, October 4, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Apologizing for last night, I went to hand in my form yesterday and shit like that, and then we went out to do our Gnome hunting.

Hip Hop Group Session

We got together yesterday and we started practicing the R & B shit that we are doing.  It took us a while to get through it.  After a while we actually done it.  I think that Jett has a bit of a dyslexic problem because he can’t read the shit properly off the screen, but when he’s got it in his mind, he knows it.

We tried to come up with shit and it’s weird having all of us thinking.  We came up with one verse and then we stopped and listened to the Phreaking tape that me and Jett made up called Funny tape 3.

Jett went to the shops because his boss rang him.  Then he came back, and me and Tatton went to the shops to ring up Rory.  We didn’t get through to him and Jett used the money to ring up Norton.

See Brodie In Campbelltown

We ended up walking to William’s house.  He wasn’t there, so we left for Campbelltown.

We walked around looking for people.  We found Bình was in the shop, but as we were walking past Brodie – driving Ned’s car with Shawn and Harley in the back – stopped.

We went to talk to them and they were all drunk except for Brodie.  We talked to them for about 30 minutes and then we started walking back towards Tatton’s house.

I ended up staying at Tatton’s house last night.  We watched Letterman and then we slept.  He slept in the lounge, and I slept on his bed.

Campbelltown Fobs versus Lebs Brawl

I woke up at 8 am in the morning but didn’t get up until 10:00 am.

I went home to get ready for the day and I got back around 11:30 am.

We left and we stayed around Campbelltown for a while, going to get some socks.  Then we saw Anxo and William and some others in Anxo’s car.  Then we saw Noah, and then lots more people, and then we finally saw Bane.

There is some shit going on tonight down at Level 18 and it is a fight against Fobs and Lebs.

I’m going to ring Keith to see if he wants to go down or if William wants to go down.

Sydney CD Purchases With Tatton

We then went to get some shit to eat.  Then we went to the station.  It took an hour to get to the station and another hour to get to Sydney.

We went there and I bought some Luniz from Brash’s.  Then at HMV I bought some Blackstreet or was it the other way around.  I then went to Soul Sense and I wasn’t going to buy anything but I ended up buying Nas, which I’m listening to now, and it is pretty good.

I also bought a Mariah Carey Poster and a Claudia Schiffer Poster too.

Make New Beats Using Octamed

I’m going to get on Octamed soon and try out some beats on it.  If they are good, I’m going to write them down and tape them.

I’m almost finished this shit.  Tatton is going to come over in about an hour.  I am going to see what is going on tonight, but Tatton is sleeping tonight anyway.

Planning Ahead

I wonder what is going to happen with the court case that I was supposed to attend.

I can’t go to the gym now for another fortnight because I made a decision with my money… damn.

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