Mad Chaos: Monday, September 30, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Predictions For Brite Wite

Today is the last of day of the month.  Speaking about the group that we have formed so far, it has come out pretty good except for today.

Looking back at the month, I didn’t have much high premonitions, but for the month to come up I predict the group which is called “Brite Wite” with a ‘Niggaz’ at the end of it will at least make up two songs at the Recording Studio without raps, and we’ll make two more raps up without the song.

Class In Campbelltown

Today was a new start for me, as I woke up at 9:00 am to go to that class today.  I was late by about 5 minutes and I had my pony tail set.

I went in there, and at first, like usual, all of us were quiet.  But after our recess we kind of broke out and the first day was good.  There is one or two nice chicks down there but the one I have my eye on is Carmen, which I’ll probably make my move on her tomorrow.

There’s always a crazy in a class and this time it is Dorris who almost got into a catfight because this other bitch – who’s a Leb – said the class was dull.  Then they got in a catfight and the Lebanese girl left.  It was a good catfight too.  Even though they didn’t even have a catfight they were insulting each other pretty good.

I think I’m pretty popular with some of the girlies in there so far.  When I go in there tomorrow I’m going to wear my Keppers and shit.  It’s only two days a week until Monday ,when I get put on work experience.

Rap To Bình

On my lunch break I went to see Bình.  We talked a bit.  I told him about the rap group that I got established now and sang him some of the raps we’ve written.  Now we have to live up to a standard with the Brite Wite but that ain’t gonna happen if the members keep doggin.

Call Jett And Tatton

We were supposed to get together today and Jett knew and I went to the shops to ring him.  I saw his brother down there and he told me that he was getting back around the time I called him.  So I called his Pager.  It was pouring down rain and I was at the service station making the calls.

I also called Tatton.  He came to the phone.  I told him to come but he gave me some attitude saying he doesn’t want to get his virgin dick wet in the rain.  I told him to ring me back in 10 minutes.

He didn’t end up ringing, and neither did Jett.  That’s got me pissed off because I know Tatton doesn’t do shit at all with the raps.  I don’t know about Jett but he doesn’t show up a lot.

This Sunday is the day that I want to go and do our shit and I don’t even think that the guy at Damien Gerard’s is helping out with the tape.  I might have to ring him up and go and pick up a demo tape from him.

Wrote Another Beat For Brite Wite

I came up with another beat today and now I’ve got two beats I can take to Damien Gerard’s studio to make up.

We’re going to get together tomorrow whether they like it or not and I’m going to tell Jett to ring up Kofi Kariuki so he can come down and give us some of his ideas.

Wrote Kathryn A Letter

Kathryn should get that letter at least tomorrow, and I should get a reply at least by Monday if she is sending one.

Planning Ahead

No gym for a week and I guess that’s alright because I need a bit of a rest.  Then I’m going to get BIG!

I’m going to have a shower now and get ready for tomorrow’s class.  Then it’s time to ring the boys up, and Damien Gerard’s studio.  If they don’t help us out then we are going to shop around for another studio.

I’m going to ask Imad for some travelling money because he owes me big time and he’s getting paid on Thursday.

My week is pretty much kept and I’m a gonna go now.  For the last day of the month this was a pretty good beginning.

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