Mad Chaos: Friday, September 27, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Visit Johnnie

I had a good sleep again.  I started the day around 10:30 am and had just a bit to eat, but I couldn’t have much today because there isn’t much.

I went down to Johnnie’s house on my way to Campbelltown on this hot day.  Staying there for about half an hour, we talked about normal friend shit.  It is the holiday’s now for them and they are probably going to have a clubbing holiday, which is quite sad really.

Hip Hop Session With Tatton Gets Apathetic

I went to Campbelltown and saw Tatton down at the gym.  I told him I’d go over his house later when he was finished.

I went there after doing some shit at home.  When I went there I took his disk back and Looniz to show him.  I wanted to get some shit written.

We went out the front in the sun.  Tatton was being a  dickhead and tried to piss me off by not concentrating at all on the shit that we were writing.  His excuse was because he hasn’t rapped for a while.  He said that he was going to practice a bit tonight but I rarely believe that fuck.

He had his mind focused on going out tonight so to make the fat weed happy, we went to Keith’s house, and Keith wasn’t going anywhere.

Trotting Around Campbelltown With Tatton

We then went to Nina’s house, and he was the usual to her.

We then went to Pizza Hut.  I first went to get a jumper while he was walking down.  I got there and no one was there.  So I went to Macers and no one was there.

I then met up with Tatton and we went to Bình’s shop where we talked to him for a bit and then his mum kicked us out.  I went home after that and played the  computer for a while.

Jett Calls

Jett called me at 10:00 pm.  He was ringing to say that someone was talking shit about Caitlin.  He was probably thinking I was going to go down there and bash them for him – which I would have done if it was a better reason for me to get my butt down there.  Like, if he said that he was getting bashed and Caitlin was getting stabbed then I’d be down there straight away in 2 minutes on my bike with my weapon strapped to my back.

Tomorrow Tatton is going to call me and we’re supposed to get together to do some shit.  Jett and all of us are going to get together on Monday.

Plan To Visit Lake At Cemetery

We could get together on Sunday but we are all going to Lake’s site for his birthday.  Nina got all emotional over it.  I don’t blame her but get over it, because it’s better if we celebrate his birthday than to mourn it.

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