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Mad Chaos: Saturday, August 17, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Take Tatton To See Nina

Today I woke up at 10:00 am and had my first meal.  After a while I went over to see Tatton, as I said I’d do.

I went to see him and we went walkies to Nina’s house.  But Nina wasn’t home, so we waited for a while.

A Pact With Tatton To Train Together

Then we made a plan that he would meet me at Olympus Gym when I called him, and he’d spot me for the day.

Tatton is starting at Bodishop on Monday.  We’ve worked out that I’m going to spot him for his workouts and then he’s going to spot me at my gym for mine or vice versa.

Meet Tatton For Gym

Anyway I had my second meal.

Then I went to ring Tatton.  We met on the turnoff to Jacaranda avenue.  We walked up and I was all ready to go.

Me and Tatton went to work out.

Gym Routine

exerciseAt first I didn’t have enough motivation to go heavy.  Before I thought of Tatton I was going to do medium weights, but when Tatton got in there, I was motivated to go heavy and fast for was my best workout in ages.

Tatton timed me to make me go faster than I have ever gone before.  I performed my reps faster.  The whole ordeal took me 40 minutes or less to complete.

Warm-up: The warm-ups were warming up of the Quadriceps and the Hamstrings without getting on the bike.
Quadriceps: I started on Leg Extensions doing 30 reps with 50 pounds on it and going the reps fast but under control.

I got Tatton to put the countdown on his watch ON and I completed the Quadriceps within 15 minutes.

The second set was on Sissy Squats with a 20 pound Dumbbell in my hand and I done 15 reps with this.

Then I got onto the Leg Press and put on 320 pounds to start and asked Tatton to help me only if I’m in trouble.  I completed 7 reps going as fast on the contraction as I could and the last rep which was my 8th I got it half way and then got Tatton to assist me in the rest of it.  I done one more set on this with 300 pounds and actually done 9 reps on it being pretty easy for me to do.

240 pounds used to be easy enough for me to perform 12 reps but now it would be around 280 pounds.

My next set I hurried to Smith Squats and put on 180 pounds, 20 pounds more than what I am used to and done shitty reps for about 5 reps and then got Tatton to take the weight off and I done 8 hard heaving reps with 160 pounds.

I was pretty fucked but, I hurried to the Hack Squat Machine and loaded it with 200 pounds and done 8 more reps going almost all the way down.  I was pretty fucked after this and I still had my Hams and Calves.

Hamstrings: I had 10 minutes to complete these and I done it in that.  I started with my warm-up on Seated Leg Curls and put it on 120 pounds and done 30 reps.  It burnt my legs mainly because I didn’t warm-up my Hamstrings properly.

I then done a set on Bent Lying Leg Curls and put it on 80 pounds and done 15 reps.

I then started heavy and went to do Straight Leg Deadlifts and got a fixed 130 pound bar and done 8 fairly slow reps going all the way down.

I then went to Lying Leg Curls and put on 90 pounds and done 2 reps, readjusted the length for the leg attachment and then done another very hard 6 reps.

Calves: My Quads and Hamstrings were aching already and I couldn’t really walk properly and also, my lower back was pumped as from the straight leg Deadlift and also my Calves were already aching from the Leg Curls.

I started on Standing Calve Raises and put it on 120 pounds and done 30 reps.  I done them pretty fast and then I got onto Seated Leg Curls and done 15 reps with 40 pounds.

I then got back onto Standing Leg Curls and with 280 pounds done myself 8 hard, slow reps.  I then hovered over to Donkey Calve Raises and done myself 8 reps with 260 pounds.

Muscle Gains

I haven’t had a full body pain in a while but my obliques, chest, quadriceps and triceps hurt.  My legs are going to ache a lot more tomorrow though.

I now weigh 74.5 Kilos, and since yesterday I gained over 1 kilo of weight.  Most of that I think is from muscle gains, because I could see a sweep appearing in my Quadriceps today.  From a front on shot my hips would have a small curve, and then a curve on the outer side of my quadriceps would appear.

It is also the first time I have lifted 320 pounds with ease.

My biceps now look more full and bigger.  My delts, chest, abs and back all tie in and now I’m almost happy with my symmetry.  I’ll be fully happy when my lower body starts to par up with my upper body.

Meal Plan (27)

Tomorrow I hope to be around 75 kilos of weight.  By Monday, I should be around 75 kilos or over.  Now it is time to give you my Caloric Plan.

Meal One: 200g Rice + Chicken,  2 peanut butter breads,  Cordial.
Meal Two: Beef and Vegetables,  10 Fish Fingers,  Cordial.
Meal Three: Pancakes and Custard,  200g Sausages,  Cordial.
Meal Four: 1 Litre Milkshake,  4 egg Whites,  100g Prawns + vegetables.


Calories: 4135
Protein: 294.1 29.2%
Fat: 105.2 23.6%
Carbohydrates: 520.3 47.2%

So there you have it, my dietary plan and my workout.  And tomorrow is a good old rest day.

Keith Borrows Condoms

On the way home, Tatton told me that there is supposed to be something going on tonight.

I just heard that Keith rang just before I got home.

Keith rang me again while I was writing.  He wants to pick up his suit.  He came over to deprive me of some condoms too.  I only had the colored one he gave me so I haven’t got some any more.

Everyone is going to that new nightclub for under 18’s called Level 18 in Campbelltown.  I can’t be bothered going there.

Planning Ahead

Jett also called me today to see what I was doing tonight but I’m not going out because it is just too relaxing to just sit here and do nothing for a while.

Tomorrow I can either go to see Tatton or go to see Jett but I think I’ll do both of them.  I might go to see Jett first or maybe Tatton depending on how I feel.  I do feel like listening to my Dogg Pound CD so I might go to see Jett first.

I might go see Angel tomorrow too.

Tomorrow is just going to be a good old relaxation day because I get to read the paper.  If I wake up early enough then I might go and get it in the morning.  If my legs are too fucked come tomorrow, I might not expend too much energy running around.

It’s only 9:09 pm and I’m feeling a tad sleepy already, so it might be an early night tonight.

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